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Teach a Child to Fish Foundation (TACTF) was started by Decatur, GA native, Middle Tennessee State University football standout, former NFL player, and Bass World League owner Kendall Newson. Teach a Child to Fish’s mission is to teach and mentor youth through fishing programs, to help them find their true value of life, and to preserve and protect the great outdoors. His love for fishing began at the age of five. His father, an avid fisherman, would take the entire family fishing regularly. After his career in the NFL as a wide receiver, Kendall’s love for fishing increased, and he developed the desire to teach children all over the world how to fish and its relationship to leadership and personal development. For more information please visit www.tactf.org

JohnCarlos68 was started by Dr. John Carlos after he teammate and gold medalist Tommie Smith, and silver medalist, Australian, Peter Norman who wore an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge made world history during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico, when he took to the international stage during the medal ceremony and made a speechless statement, heard and seen worldwide. Dr. Carlos accepted the Bronze medal at the Olympic podium wearing black socks and no shoes to represent impoverished people who had no shoes of their own and raised a black-gloved fist crowning a bowed head to humbly reflect the strength of the human spirit. The photograph of the three medalists standing peaceably in protest at the ceremonial podium instantaneously became a historical symbol of the fight for human rights. Dr. Carlos has drawn upon the founding principle of all athletes, perseverance, and personal strength, as he has strode forward through his career and in his pursuit to make a difference for the future of all people. Continuing his life-long mission to improve human rights conditions and to increase chances for the successes of our youth, Dr. Carlos is actively involved with global humanitarian and community movements. For more information please visit www.johncarlos68.com

The Lane of Hope Foundation was started by Lufkin, TX, native, Texas A&M University football standout and former NFL player Jorvorskie Lane. He started The Lane of Hope Foundation in 2016 after suffering a horrific, career-ending, leg injury in the last game of the 2016 season. He is passionate about providing educational programs for disadvantaged youth, particularly for kids in rural areas because of his upbringing and first-hand understanding of their needs and lack of resources.

The McNeil Foundation was started by Highland Springs, VA, native, University of Tennessee-Martin football standout, and former NFL player Emanuel McNeil. He started the organization to honor the legacy of his daughter Moriah McNeil who died of cancer and his Brother Carlos McNeil that died from gun violence. He is committed to giving back to disadvantaged communities to address college and career readiness and ACT Test Prep, youth’s love of reading, gun violence, and community-police relations. He wants to give kids the opportunities that Moriah and Carlos did not have.

The Fast Lane Foundation was started by Decatur, GA native, University of Georgia football standout and former NFL player Fred Lane. Fast Lane’s mission is to give back through service with a focus on increasing students’ college, and career readiness and ACT Test Prep, love for reading and community-police relations.

Dunbar LLC leverages personal, public, and private partnerships in order to establish a network of members that educate, mentor, provide employment, and develop entrepreneurs for adolescents and young adults. Dunbar, LLC’s mission is to be a leader in educating and training workers as well as developing new business owners for jobs of the future, to bring reform to today’s rapidly changing economy, by preparing our clients skills and Images that reflect the positive changes within their communities. Dunbar LLC provides toolkits that connect community project development programs directly to dislocated workers, adults, youth, and teens. For more information please visit www.Dunbarllc.com

In The Number and the Be Counted Foundation believe every individual can change the world. We work to build upon innate and unique human abilities within the scope of Education, Health, Human Rights and our Environment to equip the global race with the skills needed to make our planet a more inclusive and fruitful place to live for all. Unity is the goal. Compassion is the guidance. Humanity is the gift. The Number’s colors (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green) represent unity, showcasing a color from every flag around the globe. We strategically chose this array of colors to represent the unifying identity of In The Number. For more information please visit www.inthenumber.com

Connect the Gaps mission is to provide RESOURCES to empower Civic Engagement and Collaboration through Partnership by providing Specialized Programs within a variety of settings (Directly/Virtually) to the US Department of Education and the Athletic Industry. For more information visit www.connectthegaps.com

The Crime Watch of America takes adolescents and young adults that have become victims of emotional recklessness because of life circumstances and transforms them into champions of life. Our core values cultivate inter and intrapersonal skills, establishes self-awareness, promotes economic and community development through apprenticeships, and workforce training programs, thus producing contributing citizens.

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Arthur Chambers

Chan Lane

Charles & Jacque Tarlton, Jr

David Heath

Dr. Janice Meyer

Dr. John Cooper, Jr.

Ed Nordholm

Hans Hammond

Hayden Paul

Chandra Harris

Jason Cornelius

Dr. Jennifer Thibeaux

Joe & Yolandra Alexander

Joseph Kennedy

Joshua Cole

Journey Cole

Maximillian Cole

Nicole Cole

Nicole Murray

Rodney Parker

Kenny Johnson

Leonard Asper

Lori Parrish

Marissa Nunes

Mandy Qualls

Mareio Fraley

Mary & Wade Beckman

Ross Forman

Shirley Tarlton

Theanthony Curry

Eric Norman

Tiffany Carroll

Natalie Robinson

Justin Smith

Justin Hale

Zach Etheridge

Thaddeus “T.J.” Broadnax

Grady Roberts III

Cedrick Bolden

Chris Jamison

Gerry Williams

Beverly Greene

Stephanie Edwards

C. Charles Grier

Yolanda Grier

Xavier Moore