HELP SJI Programs

HELP SJI’s “Face 2 Face” program focuses on activities that promote equity, improve community – law enforcement relations by building trust, create opportunities for difficult conversations surrounding social justice issues, increase college and career preparation, and impact criminal justice reform among participants, law enforcement, stakeholders and the business community.”

Program Design:
HELP SJI’s high-impact data-based workshops are typically delivered in-person in 2-3 day sessions and are designed for up to 48 participants: 36 students, 6 law enforcement officers, and 6 community/business stakeholders but can be tweaked as necessary. HELP-SJI works with schools, youth through adult development programs, colleges, businesses, and criminal justice systems.

What makes the HELP “Social Justice Initiative unique?
HELP-SJI designs and implements high-impact evidence-based programs that produce quantitative, qualitative, and anecdotal data based off of our predetermined learning objectives. This contentious planning and design allows us to not only measure our effectiveness but also aids us in the design of data-based interventions and the packaging of information to inform best practices. Moreover, HELP-SJI utilizes a college & career readiness assessment tool to not only address the achievement gap and improve students’ college & career readiness levels, particularly those in disadvantaged communities but also engages professional athletes, local law enforcement and stakeholders to:

INCREASE participants’ college & career readiness and emphasize that the time to start preparing is NOW!

INTERVENE as a change agent to encourage positive development by linking participants to career pathways of interest using evidence-based assessments

BREAK DOWN barriers and preconceptions that participants have of each other

PROMOTE trust among participants and law enforcement

PROVIDE opportunities for the community and law enforcement to engage in high impact non-enforcement activities

IMPACT the disproportionate number of students that are funneled into the criminal justice system

HELP SJI’s “Online ACT Prep” program is a collaboration between The NFL Alumni (NFLA), E.L. Tarlton & Associates, Inc., Higher Education & Learning Professional Consulting, Inc. (HELP) and its “Social Justice Initiative,” The Lane of Hope Foundation, The Fast Lane Foundation, The McNeil Foundation and the Teach a Child to Fish Foundation. The companies have all partnered to deliver free ACT exam prep and tutoring services to youth across America through the NFL Alumni’s “Caring for Kids” mission. The partnership with the non-profits helps to advance the NFL Alumni’s “Caring for Kids” initiatives and leverages opportunities provided by the National Football League’s Inspire Change Initiative and grant opportunities through the National Football League Foundation. The focus of the collaboration is an effort to provide high-impact, shelter-in-place, data-based college, and career readiness programming to students during the current national COVID-19 crisis and school shut-downs.

HELP SJI’s “Criminal Justice Reform” (CJR) is designed to assist youth through adult participants’ to better understand how their strengths, learning styles and personality connect to potential college and workforce career pathways to deter them from destructive behaviors.

HELP’s CJR program goals are to:
• Create value for participants and the legal system by targeting intervention activities that are a best fit as identified by the clients’ evidence-based assessed strengths, learning styles, personality type and career cluster interests
• Emphasize that the time to start preparing for college and or a workforce career is “NOW!”
• Intervene as a change agent to divert negative behavior and encourage positive development and sustained engagement by linking participants with college and/or workforce career pathways of interest
• Reduce the negative behavioral activities and the recidivism rate