Click this flyer to registerFunding provided by the NFL Alumni’s “Caring for Kids Campaign” and the above-noted non-profits via the NFL Foundation’s “Social Justice” Matching Grant Program

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  • Access to the customized online ACT prep with 6 full tests & over 1,600 practice questions
  • Entry into the NFL Alumni Memorabilia Raffle with prizes that include signed jerseys, mini-helmets, footballs, etc.
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Program Information

The NFL Alumni (NFLA), E.L. Tarlton & Associates, Inc., Higher Education & Learning Professional Consulting, Inc. (HELP) and its “Social Justice Initiative,” The Lane of Hope Foundation, The Fast Lane Foundation, The McNeil Foundation and Teach a Child to Fish have all partnered to deliver free ACT exam prep and tutoring services to youth across America.  This will be provided through the NFL Alumni’s “Caring for Kids” mission. As well as the noted non-profits via the NFL Foundation’s Social Justice Matching Grant Program.

The partnership with the non-profits helps to advance the NFL Alumni’s “Caring for Our Own” and “Caring for Kids” initiatives and leverages opportunities provided by the National Football League’s Inspire Change Initiative and grant opportunities through the National Football League Foundation. The focus of the collaboration is an effort to provide high-impact, shelter-in-place, data-based college, and career readiness programming to students during the current national COVID-19 crisis and school shut-downs.

“We were looking for an opportunity for our members to take part in the NFL’s Inspire Change Initiative in addressing social justice issues, especially in the 37 communities that we have alumni chapters,” says NFL Alumni President Bart Oates. “Through this partnership, we feel that we have created the opportunity for the NFLA to join in the movement, during these trying times, in a meaningful way.”

Last year, HELP teamed up with 32 former NFL players, local law enforcement and community leaders to deliver college and career readiness as well as social justice programming to 10 high varsity football teams across three states (Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana). From the 2-day workshops, the following is a sample of key data points that highlight the impact of the program on both youth and law enforcement:

  • Trust was built: 90% of students and 98% law enforcement “Strongly Agree” or “Agreed”
  • The ability to have challenging conversations on social justice issues were established: 89% of students and 96% law enforcement “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”
  • College & Career Readiness knowledge was increased: 91% of students and 96% law enforcement “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”
  • HELP’s program can be used as a model for improving law enforcement interactions with students: 93% of students and 98% law enforcement “Strongly Agree” or “Agreed”
  • Students interest in a career in law enforcement increased: Scores went from 29% “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” before the workshop to 82% after

This year, HELP and its “Social Justice Initiative” increased its reach by teaming up with The Lane of Hope Foundation, The Fast Lane Foundation, The McNeil Foundation, and Teach a Child to Fish, non-profits which are all run by former NFL players, along with law enforcement agencies, and over 50 former NFL Players.

“The NFL and its Inspire Change Initiative was searching for a program that could be modeled and provide data towards best practices and we feel that HELP’s college and career readiness and social justice program not only addressed that need, as shown by last year’s high-impact statistics but also shows its ability to be flexible and dynamic through this year’s COVID-19 inspired online ACT exam prep program,” said HELP Consulting, Inc.’s President & CEO, and its “Social Justice Initiative” Executive Director, Edward L. Tarlton, Ph.D.

“I am excited for the NFL Alumni to be a part of this collaborative initiative that brings so many stakeholders together to positively impact youth and support and promote higher education, workforce readiness, social justice and productive citizenry in NFL Alumni communities where former players and youth live, learn, play and work,” says Beasley Reece, NFL Alumni President.